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GPS Splitter – S12-1×2-Standard

GPS 1×2 Standard Splitter – S12

Designed for the L band frequency, the S14GT makes it possible to use a single GPS referencing antenna and cable arrangement for multiple synchronization systems.

The S14GT features an antenna DC bias select circuit. This allows for the active antenna DC input to be applied to any or all RF outputs. With this feature, one DC voltage will be chosen to power the antenna while other inputs will be switched to DC loads. Designed for redundancy, if the selected DC bias input should fail, the DC bias will automatically switch to another DC input to ensure an uninterrupted supply to the active antenna.

  • Optimum signal quality with low noise and high gain
  • Designed to support long-lasting, trouble-free deployment
  • DC bias select automatically switches port if selected DC bias input fails
  • Standard configuration includes N(f) connectors

Key Features:

  • Delivers L band frequency signals to multiple GPS synchronization modules and receivers
  • Amplified to offset splitter losses
  • High isolation
  • Also available with 0dB gain

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