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GPS / GNSS Repeater Kit

GNSS Repeater Kit

The GPS / GNSS Repeater Kit is a complete GNSS amplifier system that includes: METRO-G, GNSS active antenna, GNSS passive antenna, swivel mount, pole mount, surge suppressor and cabling.

The METRO-G is a GNSS smart amplifier, perfect for the commercial and public sector. When used in conjunction with an active GPS/GLONASS receive antenna, it will pass GPS+GLONASS signals inside a building, hangar or any structure where signal is not accessible. It can be used in an automated test environment or in a shielded room that needs GNSS signal.

METRO-G has the unique benefit of allowing selection for the power control between signals. A user can easily decide which signal output the METRO-G will use to control signal power: GPS+GLONASS, GLONASS only or GPS only. This reduces the need for multiple antennas, receive devices and multiple antenna runs

  • GNSS “Smart Amplifier”
  • GNSS Passive Antenna
  • GNSS Active Antenna
  • Swivel & Pole Mount
  • COPRO Surge Protector
  • 15 ft (4.6m) C240 coaxial cable
  • Up to 100 ft (30.48m) C240 coaxial cable

Available Options:

  • L1 band only vs. L1/L2 Band Filtering
  • Multiple Connector Types
  • Power Always ON or Power ON/OFF
  • Precise control over output signal level
  • High-Frequency Selectivity – Passes GPS, GLONASS & GALILEO frequencies while rejecting other out-of-band signals.
  • Continuous Built-In-Testing (BIT)
  • Automatic Oscillation Detection
  • Perfect for aircraft hangars, manufacturing test cells, R&D facilities, any automated test environment or an anechoic chamber
  • Use for any GNSS retransmission application