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L1 Carrier Antenna for GPS Wireless Applications

L1 Antenna

The L1AW is a new GPS Source antennas used to deliver L1G1 carrier frequency signals to GPS synchronization modules and receivers.  It is a high-performance L1 GPS antenna that is ideally suited for many GPS applications requiring low noise and excellent gain. The L1AW includes high-frequency selectivity to avoid interference with other nearby transmitters.

The standard L1AW configuration includes both snow/ice mitigating radome and pole cap mount. It can be ordered without a pole mount or with the l-bracket pole mount (pictured).  Call us to discuss your special needs to mount this antenna.

GPS Source has designed and manufactured all of their antennas for optimal performance at the voltage range stated. For example, antennas made by GPS Source that state they will work at 2.5V – 16V are designed to perform at 2.5V or 16V with optimal gain. GPS Source antennas designed to perform at 5V – 16V will have an optimal gain at 5V or 16V. GPS Source antennas work as expected at the stated voltage range with rigorous testing and data to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Frequency range 1570 to 1580 MHz (1575MHz typical)
  • Output Impedance 50Ω
  • LNA Gain 33dB typical
  • Element Gain 3dBiC
  • Output SWR 2.5:1
  • Noise Figure 1dB maximum
  • Required DC 3 to 16VDC
  • Current-Amplified is 17ma typical
  • Polarization Right Hand Circular
  • CE Certified

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